Dedicated to my bro/cuz  you know who you are!!

When see me know that the struggle is real

Just because she smiles , don’t mean she nice

Touch that bad nerve of hers and you will be her  slice

How could the one that birthed us , cause so much damage too the point we feel we wouldn’t mind if She passed

Why is it soo painful  when we say your name

Why does it seem like your always starting stuff.

You throw dirt on my name , The Struggle is REAL

You spread rumors about me , The Struggle is REAL

You  threaten me, The struggles is REAL

You throw me to the streets, The Struggles is REAL

If your not getting money for me  you don’t really want me how can that be, The Struggle is REAL

You tell everyone your such a good parent but when I call you for help you give me the dial tone, The Struggle is REAL

You got family and friends talking bout the pain I caused you, but you did tell them how you talk about them too

The Struggles is soo REAL, I can’t even Deal , so I stay away like a deep sea Seal, The love in my heart for you is like Steel, we used to say blood is thicker than water .. but now I see  blood and water run in the same vane, and I’m slowly realizing that you are truly insane, and that I am NOT the one to blame but I can’t say the same for you…

Because I know my STRUGGLE IS REAL