I think it’s interesting how , now all of a sudden things are coming out about these Hollywood wolves. I mean come on you mean to tell me , no one knew Bill was doing stuff to woman or that the seventh heaven dad liked little children?  Or that Mr. Jackson didn’t have a secret play room . I mean I don’t get it , the signs seem to be right up close and personal and yet they are ignored. The more and more I watch the news the more and more I’m disgusted with this world I live in..I know NOT everyone is BAD but in my opinion  the unfortunate thing is , the majority are !! I look forward to the time in which the abundance of peace will be filled through out the earth (Psalms 37:11) I look forward to  the day when pain and outcry be nor more (Rev 21:4)I look forward to the day when we can trust every living human being walking the earth ……If anyone has any questions about some hope Check out  Jw.org.. It’ s been very helpful to me..”)