I had an appt to see the psychiatrist. I came to my appointment at the roasters crow , as I sat and waited. I know I needed to be seen, Some came in hearing voices, some came in seeing voices. me I just sat there knowing the voices. In my head telling myself, I need this, in my head thinking of all the things to say to the doctor, in my head feeling all my emotion pain that was now wearing on me mentally, in my head saying You NEED THIS!! Hours past by and lunch time came, they gave me about an hour to go because there was only one doc and their load was heavy.. So I leave but I KNOW I’m coming back because I NEED this.. I’ve now come back and the place is almost empty an I didn’t know so may people needed mental help or had mental health issues , i thought to myself. I soon to be called because the girl that came in close to me had just been called and I knew that session would be a hour but I had already r=waited 5 so , I NEED this so I’m going to wait. A person walks in, seeking some assistance, the front desk clerk says “sorry but we have taken all we could take”, the person breaks down, “I’m on the edge , I’ve done everything , my doctor had told me to do, I went everywhere the people told me to go, I used all my money and food to get here, please oh please can you just take in me , I REALLY NEED TO SEE THE DOCTOR” the clerk tells her ” sorry ma;am but everyone here feels THEY NEED TO SEE THE DOCTOR as well” and the doc has already STOPPED taking clients. I heard her pleads and said to myself , well I now I NEED the help but I have a hope , this lady here says she have nothing so I mind as well give her my spot. I whispered to the clerk , she can have my spot, then clerk said but o ma’am you’ve been here ALLDAY , I said I know but it sounds like she NEEDS it more than me.. The clerk told the lady and the lady was so grateful, but I was the one more grateful because I knew what my GOD Jehovah (psalms 83:18) had promised me .. A time when my traumatic events will when the whole earth will be filled with nothing but the ABUNDANCE OF PEACE ( Psalms 37 :11)… So even though I felt hopeless , deep down I knew the hope I had would surely come up at it’s appropriate time to make me feel hopeful 🙂