Sunshine Sims

My Story

~~Wanting to Encourage, Empower, and Enlighten the communities around the world on Breaking the Cycle of Abuse through her book “THROUGH THE EYES OF MS.TEE’S DAUGHTER”~~

Like Precious in “PUSH” by Sapphire; Ms. Tee was dealt an injurious hand in life. Ms. Tee’s daughter tries to tell the tale of the infamous jewelry wearing; broken in spirit con-artist mother she had. Ms. Tee’s daughter discovers her mother had dreams, hopes and goals of wanting to do what was right in life. As Ms. Tee’s daughter discovers the truth about the woman she felt she never knew, she’s now faced with the question of “Will she continue the cycle or BREAK the Cycle of Abuse?”

Mrs. Sims is a married homeschooling mother of 4. She enjoys teaching people about God’s Kingdom Good News. She also enjoys singing, reading and spending time with her family.

She looks forward to the day in which all traumatic experiences will NOT be called to mind. (Isiah 65:17)
Due to her training as a Bible student she has come to realize she is NO longer a DAMAGED GIRL but a CAPABLE WOMAN!
And all those who wish to do right will be united in Love and the Abundance of PEACE. (Psalms 37:11)

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